Get Involved

Get Involved & Build the ODC

Make sure to check out our CONTRIBUTING docs to learn how you can collaborate with us on Github.

We’ve started Working Groups for the ODC! Publishing & Comms, Engineering & Infra, Biz Dev

Publishing & Comms Working Group

Responsibilities: In charge of creating public facing content and keeping the organizations content up to date in various locations

  • Twitter Management (Posts, Spaces, etc)
  • Discord Management (Announcements, channels, etc)
  • Website Content (messaging and publishing)
  • Github Content
  • Podcast Management
  • Dealing with Marketing Vendors
  • Managing any other public forums of the ODC

To join these groups, please see the Publishing & Comms discord channel

Engineering & Infra

Responsibilities: Set up and maintain all of the ODC’s infrastructure and provide technical support for ODC activities

  • Hackathon Support
  • Github Management
  • Website Management
  • Discord Tech Management
  • Tech Solutions for ODC needs

To join these groups, please see the Engineering & Infra discord channel

Business Development

Responsibilities: To help the ODC become a sustainable business

  • Business Model Identification
  • Business Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Token Design
  • Documentation (business plan, pitch deck, etc)

To join these groups, please see the Biz Dev discord channel