The OpenData Community

We protect web3 from fraudsters and the risks of centralization at the data layer.

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What is the OpenData Community ?

The OpenData Community, home of the Regen Rangers, is an open source DAO that emerged from Gitcoin in the Fall of 2022. We build upon our experience in defending public goods funding rounds to build algorithms and other software to fight Sybil attacks, wash trading, airdrop farming and other fraudsters while advocating for the use of decentralized technologies at the data layer.

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Take a look at our resources - community contributed FAQs, wikis, repositories and more.
If you have questions about how to find and prevent Sybils and other fraudsters - and how to decentralize your data stack - please take a look.

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Who are the Regen Rangers?

Inspired by the Black Rock Rangers of Burning Man, we believe web3 can police ourselves.

The Regen Rangers commit to using data science and software for good. They earn their status by contributing open source algorithms and other software and by helping web3 communities in their use of these approaches. And they take the Regen Ranger Oath that commits them to fight fraudsters while supporting decentralization at the data layer.

Benefits Of Becoming A Regen Ranger


Role as a hackathon judge


Access to tooling and Infrastructure


Governance - full weight on votes


Feedback from community via PRs, Discord


Potential access to professional service opportunities


Earn The Regen Rangers Badge as you climb the ranks