ODC Partners Twitter Space

The OpenData Community DataBuilder Hackathon is off to a great start. We are seeing approximately 2x the interest so far versus our October 2022 Hackathon. There is something for everyone interested in competing for $40,000 in bounties while defending and growing web3 while taking a decentralized approach.

  • Data scientists: Might be most interested in the Exploratory Data Analysis Competition
  • Analysts & Developers: Might be most interested in packaging algorithms into Legos
  • Designers & Developers: Might be most interested in designing & implementing a UI for the Legos
  • All of the above: Might want to help build the hackathon and the OpenData Community by authoring FAQs or contributing to the OpenData Community Landscape or otherwise

Learn more about these challenges and the overall approach of the Hackathon here: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/DataBuilders/onboard (opens in a new tab)

The hackathon is off to a great start largely thanks to the support of our collaborators and sponsors, including Ocean Protocol, Pocket Network, our founding supporter Gitcoin, TrustaLabs, Supermodular, and TrueBlocks. Each of the partners also provides technologies and expertise that can be useful to hackathon competitors who are rewarded for their use of decentralized technologies. Because of this - we’ve asked each of these sponsors to join us on a Twitter Space during the hackathon.

While we will record each of these - and we may be turning the Twitter Spaces into podcasts in the future for safekeeping and distribution - if you want to make sure to get your questions answered by these experts and hackathon judges, please join us live.

Here is the schedule - click on each URL to see the time in your time zone and to set a reminder via your Twitter app:

And then the following week:

Please join us in these Twitter spaces - and on the OpenData Community.

Again - to join the Hackathon, which runs through January 31st, please see: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/DataBuilders/onboard (opens in a new tab)

OpenData Community:

The mission of the OpenData Community is to defend web3 from the related risks of Sybil attacks and centralization at the data layer. Current initiatives of the ODC include a Landscape of decentralized solutions including TrueBlocks and others, AMAs with project creators, how-to videos and FAQs, and hackathons such as the current DataBuilders hackathon. The ODC was founded in 2022 by Gitcoin and benefits tremendously from the expertise of Gitcoin data scientists and the support of the Gitcoin DAO and Gitcoin community. http://opendatacommunity.org/ (opens in a new tab)